CANORXTM Motors Private Limited is an Indian registered startup automotive technology company working on the innovation of Solar Integrated Electric Tractor (100%) to promote use of renewable energy and reject fossil fuel. Agricultural and commercial tractor users are looking for a next-generation fossil fuel-free tractor with technology that addresses key issues. Integrating a solar system on a vehicle solves the problem of grid shortage and poor grid availability in remote areas and expands battery backups, whose power house can be used for any emergency power needs.

At Work


Kalavathi Ramu

Chief Executive Officer

Ramu Banoth

Co-Founder & CEO

Venkanna Banoth

Automation Engineer

Uday Naik Bhukya

Mechanical Engineer




Mechanical Engineer

Mangilal Tejavath

Design and Automation Engineer

Our Advisors

Sri.Bhupesh Kumar

Director RICH

Sri.Srikant Sinha


Dr. Krishnamurthy P

Director - Power Electronics & Electrical Engineer

Sri.Suresh Babu

Director - Mechanical Design expert